Changing lives since 1855

A Letter from the CEO

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” -Lady Bird Johnson

Our campus has never looked more beautiful than it does right now. As I gaze out my office window, not only do I see spring flowers, I see hope and opportunities for our children.

Our rural setting is ideal for developing trust, positive peer influences, and working toward therapeutic goals, and our staff does an excellent job of making our campus and facilities a safe and supportive environment in which the children can learn to heal themselves.

From the beginning, Jackson-Feild’s solemn mission has been to help children. Today – because the children need intensive mental health services – we recognize that what we do at Jackson-Feild must make a profound and positive impact so that the children can have successful lives and promising futures. We take this responsibility seriously.

When children arrive at Jackson-Feild, they are like a long-neglected rosebush. Full of thorns, and not a bloom – or hint of a rosebud – in sight. As they progress through their program of therapy, the children begin to sense a feeding of their hearts and souls, and – in time – they bloom with hope. They begin to see their own potential, and they welcome the opportunity to grow.

You – our donors and stakeholders – are important in achieving our mission. In many ways, the children benefit thanks to you and your gifts. Whether cash gifts or donations of much-needed supplies, you are helping to create a special environment on our campus. Thank you for offering your support and resources.

May you be blessed with the beauty of blooming flowers and an abundance of hope in all things.

Patricia H. Delano
President & CEO